The Minikillers – Very rare made for super 8 crime film starring Diana Rigg

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Super 8mm | 2 x 120m/400ft | Color | Silent

Print condition: good– | Color: reddish, traces of other color | Plain box

Complete set of The Minikillers (Germany/Spain, 1969), a crime film in four 60m/200ft parts, directed by Wolfgang von Chmielewski. This tongue-in-cheek caper movie must certainly be considered as one of the holy grails of super 8 collecting. It was produced especially for distribution on 8mm and at the time, was never shown in cinemas or on tv. What makes the film extra special is the casting of actress Diana Rigg, of Avengers fame, in the leading role.
Even after almost 50 years, the production is still shrouded in mysteries. Two of the male leads, Jose Nieto and Jack Rocha, have worked with cult director Jess Franco, and according to some, Franco was involved in the project. The cooperation of Rigg is also surprising. Why would a famous actress agree to star in a low budget film with very limited distribution?
The series was released in both sound and silent versions. The soundtrack consisted of music only; direct sound for dialogue would probably have been too expensive. This is the silent version.
The four parts have been respooled on two 120m/400ft reels. The artwork of the original boxes was cut up, and has been used to make inlays for the plastic boxes.
Both reels have about 3 splices.