The Manitou – Tony Curtis, Karen Strasberg in rare horror film

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Super 8mm | 2 x 240m/800ft | Color | German sound

Print condition: F | Color: reddish; some other color present – see scans | Plain box

The Manitou is an American horror film from 1978, produced and directed by William Girdler. It stars Tony Curtis, Michael Ansara and Susan Strasberg.
This print has more lines than we usually care for; hence the relatively low price for this rare film.
The film has been respooled from three 120m/400ft parts to two 240m/800ft reels and comes in plain boxes. However, the original artwork of two boxes is included. One cover is in good condition, the other is damaged.
Released by Ufa, Germany, as Der Manitou.

If your projector can’t handle 240m/800ft reels, we can respool the film to 120m/400ft reels at no extra charge. If you’d like us to respool, please add a note to your order (there’s a special box for notes in the shopping cart), or send us an email right after you have ordered.