The Game of Death – Bruce Lee’s last film
4 x 120M / 400FT · GERMAN SOUND

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Product Description

Super 8mm | 4 x 120m/400ft | Color | German sound

Print condition: see description | Color: some fade, but still pretty nice, with yellows and some blues and grays present. See scans | Original box

Four-part version of the Hong Kong martial arts film The Game of Death (1978), directed, written, produced by and starring Bruce Lee. Also starring Gig Young, Dean Jagger, Hugh O’Brian. Lee died during production, in 1972. The film was finished by director Robert Clouse.
Print condition varies between reels, from fair+ for the second reel to good– for the first and fourth reels, to very good for the third reel. A small part of the main title is missing.
Released by Ufa, Germany as Mein letzter Kampf.