The Devil’s Possessed – Paul Naschy classic. Rare, with very nice color!

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Product Description

Super 8mm | 3 x 120m/400ft | Color | English sound

Print condition: G-VG | Color: G-VG | Original boxes (but see description)

El Mariscal del infierno [The Devil’s Possessed] is a Spanish horror film from 1974 directed by Leon Klimovsky, starring Paul Naschy. English sound with Dutch subtitles.
Three splices in the second reel, otherwise a good to very good print. The last part of the third reel is quite dark. However, all prints we have seen are the same in this respect.
Color has hardly faded, if at all, and is still very nice. The second and third reels come in their original boxes, which are in good shape. The original box of the first reel is missing, but we did have a spare of the second box, which is in reasonable shape, so we used that for the first part instead of a plain box.
Released by Arco, Netherlands, as De duivelsmaarschalk.