The Chinese Boxer – Classic kung fu by the Shaw Brothers

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Super 8mm | 3 x 120m/400ft | Color | German sound

Print condition: F+/G– | Color: G+. See scans | Plain box

The Chinese Boxer (also known by its international title The Hammer of God) is a 1970 Hong Kong action kung fu film written, directed by and starring Jimmy Wang (Wang Yu). Tong Gaai was the action director. The film was a box office success at the time of its release and is currently considered the first classic in the kung fu genre.
Print condition: some noticeable lines throughout. The first reel has three or four 1-second sound drop-outs in the first 30 seconds. Otherwise, a nice print with very good color. The film comes in plain plastic boxes. The original cover art, which is slightly damaged, has been taped onto the sides of the boxes.
Released by Ufa/ATB, Germany.