The Bang Bang Gang – Rare caper film

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Product Description

Super 8mm | 1 x 240m/800ft | Color | English sound

Print condition: G-VG | Color: G | Plain box

Two-part abridgement of the American action/crime film The Bang Bang Gang [a.k.a. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang] from 1970, directed by Van Guylder, starring Jae Miller, Michael Kirkwood, Revel Quinn. Rare caper film with erotic overtones. English sound with French and Dutch subtitles.
First part of main title missing (i.e. the film title itself; the credits seem to be complete); two splices.
The two 120m/400ft parts have been respooled onto one 240m/800ft reel.
Probably Dutch release.

If your projector can’t handle 240m/800ft reels, we can respool the film to 120m/400ft reels at no extra charge. If you’d like us to respool, please add a note to your order (there’s a special box for notes in the shopping cart), or send us an email right after you have ordered.