Shall we Dance – Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers

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Product Description

Super 8mm | 1 x 60m/200ft | B&W | English sound

Print condition: see description | Original box

Extract from Shall we Dance, an American musical from 1937 directed by Mark Sandrich, starring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Features three song/dance performances: the Slap that Bass song (Astaire singing and tap-dancing in the large art deco engine room of a ship), the routine where Astaire dances to the sound of a faulty gramophone, and a ballet duet with Astaire and Rogers. The short has the original English sound; there’s no dialog, just songs.
There are two splices (one between the first and second performance, one just before the end of the third, shortening the fade-out). Also, there are two sound dropouts (of 5 and 2 seconds, respectively) in the first performance (although this is before Fred starts dancing). Otherwise, print condition is good to very good, and in spite of the flaws, this still is a very entertaining short. Full 60m/200ft reel.
Released by Filmoffice, France.