Mystery of the Jungle – Obscure Spanish Tarzan film

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Super 8mm | 3 x 120m/400ft | Color | English sound

Print condition: G+ | Color: G | Original box

Abridgment in three parts of Mystery of the Jungle [Tarzan Y El Mysterio de la Selva], a Spanish adventure film from 1972 directed by Miguel Iglesias, starring Richard Yestaran (as Tarzan), Didi Sherman, Cesar Burner. English sound with Dutch subtitles.
IMDb: “A Nazi war criminal named Franz, hidden in the jungles of Africa, is running guns to the presumably hostile natives. The governments of the world send an inept band of agents, poorly disguised as a reverend and four nuns, to investigate.”
Print condition varies between good (some sequences with two light lines throughout) and very good (hardly any lines). Color is very nice.
Released by Arco Film, Netherlands.