Murphy’s War – full-length feature starring Peter O’Toole
6 x 120M / 400FT

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Product Description

Super 8mm | 6 x 120m/400ft | Color | English sound

Print condition: excellent | Color: see description | Original box

Full-length version of the classic British war movie Murphy’s War from 1971, directed by Peter Yates, starring Peter O’Toole, Siân Phillips, Philippe Noiret.
In the closing days of World War II, Irishman Murphy (Peter O’Toole) is the sole survivor of the crew of a merchant ship, Mount Kyle, which has been sunk by a German U-Boat, which then machine-gunned the survivors in the water. Murphy makes it ashore (to a missionary settlement on the Orinoco in Venezuela) where he is treated by a pacifist Quaker doctor, Dr Hayden (Siân Phillips). When he discovers the U-Boat is hiding further up river, under the cover of the jungle, he sets about obsessively plotting his revenge to sink it by any means.
Color has partly faded and is on the reddish and brownish side, with some other colors left. In some scenes color is still quite nice. Note: most reels have new leaders, due to respooling from larger reels.
Released by Iver Films, UK.

Additional Information

Number and size of reels

6 x 120 meters (400′)

Film format

Super 8mm



Sound / language

English sound


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