Ein Käfer gehts aufs Ganze – Dudu der Wunderkäfer

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Product Description

Super 8mm | 3 x 120m/400ft | Color | German sound

Print condition: fair+ | Color: good+ | Original box

Abridgement in three parts of the German/Swiss adventure/comedy film Ein Käfer gehts aufs Ganze from 1971, starring Rudolf Zehetgruber, Jim Brown, Gerd Duwner. The first of five films featuring Dudu, the VW Beetle.
Print condition: most of the film sports a handful of tramlines at any one time; a few smaller sections (e.g. at the start of the first reel) show somewhat heavier wear. There are a few splices, too, especially at the beginning of the first reel. Still, partly owing to the good color, an acceptable print which we have priced in accordance with its condition.
Large labels on boxes.
Released by Ufa/ATB, Germany.