Dagli archivi della polizia criminale [From the Police Archives] – Campy Italian thriller

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Product Description

Abridgement in three parts of the Italian crime film Dagli archivi della polizia criminale from 1973. Directed by Paolo Lombardo, starring Edmund Purdom, Cleofe Del Cile, Gordon Mitchell. English sound. An amusing spy story with a few soft erotic touches, some strange twists, and the best wooden acting we’ve seen in a long time. Worth seeing for the bizarre English dubbing alone.
Print condition is fair to good: some light lines and scratches throughout. Color has faded. The first and third reels are reddish and brownish but have some other colors remaining, the second reel is just red and brown. The three reels come in the original cardboard boxes, which have been collected in the original slipcase.
Released by AVO Film, Italy.

Additional Information

Number and size of reels

3 x 120 meters (400′)

Film format

Super 8mm



Sound / language

English sound


Original box

Box condition