Black Christmas – Cult horror film

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Product Description

Super 8mm | 1 x 240m/800ft | Color | German sound

Print condition: see description | Color: VG. See scan | Plain box

Abridgement in two parts of Black Christmas (1974), a Canadian horror film directed by Robert Clark, starring Olivia Hussey, Keir Dullea, Margot Kidder. One of the first slashers, now enjoying cult status among horror fans.
Unfortunately, the print has a serious defect. About 5 minutes into the film, there’s no sound for about a minute and a half. This is because the magnetic track itself is missing from that part of the print. Also, in the first few minutes the print has about six perforation repairs and about 4 splices. Otherwise, print condition is G+ and color is very good.
As this film is quite rare and sought-after, we have decided to sell it anyway, at a reduced price.
The film has been respooled from two 120m/400ft parts to one 240m/800ft reel and comes in a plain box. The artwork shown is not included.
Released by Marketing, Germany, as Jessy.

If your projector can’t handle 240m/800ft reels, we can respool the film to 120m/400ft reels at no extra charge. If you’d like us to respool, please add a note to your order (there’s a special box for notes in the shopping cart), or send us an email right after you have ordered.