Atragon – rare digest

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Super 8mm | 1 x 120m/400ft | Color | German sound | Plain box

Print condition: F | Color: G+ – see scan

Selected scenes from the Japanese science fiction film Kaitai Gunkan from 1963 (also known as Atragon), directed by Inoshiro Honda and starring Tadao Takashima, Yoko Fujihama, Yu Fujiki, Ken Uehara, Kenji Sawara, Akemi Kita. Monster sf produced by Toho Studios about the people of a sunken continent who rise to the surface and threaten world peace.
Quite some projection lines throughout. Sound has split-second dropouts at regular intervals, but dialog is not affected.
Released by Marketing, Germany, as U2000, Tauchfahrt des Grauens.