Order info

Creating a user account has certain advantages: you can keep track of your order history, and there’s no need to supply your address data upon ordering. However, accounts are entirely optional, and orders can be placed without signing up.

We ship worldwide. We do not charge for packing materials or handling. Your order is usually shipped within 2-3 business days after receipt of payment. Right after an update of the website or an announcement of a sale, or in cases where films need to be respooled, it may take a little more time. We or our carrier (Post NL or DHL) will send you a confirmation email when your parcel has shipped.

Netherlands, United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Austria, Sweden, Luxembourg, USA, Canada
For shipping to these countries and for small orders only, we offer a choice between registered shipping (with tracking) and more economic shipping without tracking. Larger orders are always shipped registered. Please note that shipping without tracking may take more time than registered shipping.

All other countries
For all other countries, all orders are shipped registered/with tracking.

Shipping calculator
Before placing an order, you can use the shipping calculator at the bottom of the shopping cart to see the postal rate for your location. Please make sure the correct country has been selected. Usually, shipping is more economic for larger orders. As long as you make sure you don’t click the “Order” button, you can add or delete products to arrive at the optimal shipping rate.

Tracking numbers
If your order is shipped with tracking, our carrier will send you the tracking number. Please note that in many cases, orders shipped through DHL can’t be tracked right away. Because DHL uses sorting centers in various countries which have tracking systems that are not always synchronized, it may take a few days after shipping before parcels can be tracked.

If an order is returned because it couldn’t be delivered or was not claimed for at the post office, we will invoice you for the postage cost of the new shipment. We will not cancel an order if it is returned because of non-delivery.

We offer various payment methods. Direct bank transfer is possible if you live in the EU and your bank allows you to make international payments in euros using IBAN and BIC codes. If you live outside of the EU and want to pay by bank, please contact us first.