Searching and browsing

This website offers many ways of searching and browsing. The overview below may help to search more efficiently for the films or other products you want.

Searching for film titles and names
The search bar can be used to search for all information that is on the product pages: film titles, names of directors and actors, names of cartoon characters and so on. Keep in mind that the type and quantity of information available may vary from film to film. For feature films, generally more data are given than for shorts.

Browsing films
All super 8 films have been grouped into five main categories: Features, Digests/Cutdowns, Comedy shorts, Cartoons, and Other films. In addition, there’s a special category for Other products. These categories can be found in the main horizontal menu below the Super8warehouse logo (on mobile, please click Menu first).
In some cases, films have been classified into more than one category. For instance, an English language digest print of a musical may be listed under Digests > English sound as well as under Other films > Music.
Please note that for standard 8mm films, we have created separate (but similar) categories. These can be found in the main menu (at the top of the corresponding super 8mm categories), as well as in the sidebar on category and product pages.

Main categories and subcategories
The main super 8mm categories have been divided into subcategories. On a laptop or desktop computer, hover your cursor on one of the categories in the main menu and a submenu appears which lists the subcategories. Click either on a subcategory, or click on the main category link to browse the entire category. On mobile screens, this works slightly different. Click the main category link once to view the subcategories and then either choose a subcategory, or click the main category link again to browse the entire category.

It’s important to know that in the Features category you will find both full-length and abridged features: all films released on at least two 120m/400 ft reels. Shorter abridgements are classified under Digests. The Features category also lists titles that were theatrically released as short films – like some early silents – and which are therefore shorter than two 120m/400 ft reels.

Recent additions
The homepage displays a selection of recently added super 8mm films, divided into the main film categories. To browse all films in a category, you can either use the main menu as explained above, or the ‘Browse all…’ links on the homepage.

Genres and special subjects
In the sidebar on category and product pages, links to a few popular genres and special subjects (such as Westerns and Odds and Ends) can be found.