Searching and Browsing

This site offers many ways of searching and browsing. The overview below may help to search more efficiently for the films you want.

Searching for film titles and names
The search bar, which is at the top of the right column on each page and across the top half of the homepage, can be used to search for all information that is on the product pages: film titles, names of directors and actors, names of cartoon characters and so on. Keep in mind that the type and quantity of information available may vary from film to film. For feature films, generally more data are given than for shorts.

Browsing the main film categories
All films have been grouped into five main categories: Features, Digests/Cutdowns, Comedy shorts, Cartoons, and Other films. These categories can be found in the main menu, and also in the sidebar menu on all pages except the homepage. It’s important to know that in the Features category you will find both full-length features and ‘featurettes’: all films released on at least two 120m/400 ft reels.

Browsing specific genres
The last three of the five main categories have been subdivided into subcategories. The Features and Digests categories have not been subdivided. Instead, there is a special menu option called Features & digests by genre. Here, you will find subcategories for several film genres. We have started with four important genres. As the site grows, we will probably add other genres. Please note that only Features and Digests/Cutdowns have been tagged for these genres. So, the Comedy genre does not include the comedy shorts, which have their own menu and subdivision.

Browsing short comedy
Please note there is some overlap between the Digests category and the Comedy shorts category. Although a digest is an abridged feature and a short is a film that was short in the first place, we have decided to list certain comedy digests starring important comedians both in the Digests category and in the Comedy shorts category. This is because it may not always be clear whether a certain short comedy is a digest or a short. For instance, some more casual collectors may not know that the Abbott & Costello digests from Castle Films are indeed digests.

Browsing latest additions
The homepage displays a selection of 15 recently added films. To browse a larger number of recent films, you may use the pop-up that is present on all category pages, below the thumbnails. Choose a category or genre, change the pop-up to Search by most recent, and all films within the category are displayed from new to old. To browse latest additions across all categories, visit the All films category and change the pop-up.

Browsing special film categories
At the bottom of the menu in the sidebar, there are two options not present in the main menu.
First of all, you will find a special Silent features category here. Below that, we have the Odd reels category, which may help some people missing part of a feature film. More of these special categories may be added as the site grows.