First anniversary for Super8database

By now, many of you will probably have browsed the pages of Super8database at least once, but if you haven’t, we cannot recommend it too strongly. It’s the only website in super 8 collecting exclusively dedicated to acquiring, sorting and sharing of film data.* Films are grouped according to genre and 8mm distributors, and you can search for film titles and actors’ names. For all films listed, technical information can be found: length, color or b&w, sound or silent, and more. And for many films, scans of the box covers are available. So even for those collectors who still cherish a couple of distributors’ paper catalogs (or have downloaded scanned catalogs from websites such as ours), the advantages are evident.

Super8database is the child of Eivind Mork, a collector and computer programmer from Norway. After more than a year of preparations, and assisted by his wife who is also a programmer, he launched the website in February 2020. Fellow collector Greg Perry, who was already involved in an early stage, is the second driving force behind the website.

The collector behind the database

We asked Eivind where he acquired the home movie virus, and what films he likes most.

When did you start collecting 8mm films?
“I grew up with my parents’ home movies, and as a teenager I bought 5-6 cartoons from a shop that used to have a Super 8 rental business until VHS took over. I still have these films today. But I really started to collect when I bought my first projector in February 2014.”

What was the first film you acquired?
When I was a teenager it was Mickey and his Pals, a 400′ compilation from Walt Disney. After I bought the projector in 2014, the first one I bought was Tom & Jerry, The Mouse Comes To Dinner. My first feature was Africa Screams with Abbott & Costello [pictured above].

Do you favour specific genres or other areas of interest?
I am very fond of cartoons, and especially the classics from Disney. And who wouldn’t like a Tom & Jerry?

What was the last film you screened at home?
The last film I watched was a Road Runner: Whoah Be-Gone. My son loves Road Runner, and so do I.

More that 5500 film releases, and counting

At the first anniversary of Super8database, Eivind and his team can look back on a very fruitful year. From about 2500 film releases listed at the start, the site has grown to more that 5500 releases in February 2021. And apart from English-language releases, the site now also lists films produced in other countries. A full account of the website’s history can be found in this article written by Eivind: Super8database has completed its first year!.

* Super8database should not be confused with Super8data, the excellent website on cameras, projectors and other hardware that sadly died around 2015. After the demise of the website, hardware retailer Wittner Cinetec acquired the domain, now using it to generate extra traffic for their shop.