End-of-Year Sale
Come and get it!

Dawn of the Dead

The Super8warehouse End-Of-Year Sale will fire off on Friday, December 11, 2020. As my storage is overflowing and I really need to make room for new films, I decided to offer higher discounts than ever before. On all orders of 30 euros or more, all films and other products are discounted, with higher discounts on larger orders. The discounts are as follows:

  • Order value of 30-60 euros: 30% off
  • Order value of 60-100 euros: 40% off
  • Order value of 100-200 euros: 50% off
  • And for the die-hards: orders of 200 euros and up get 60% off
How does the sale work?

All prices shown on the website are the normal prices. The sale prices are shown in the shopping cart after you have added products to the cart. Depending on the order value, a discount of up to 60% is applied. The discount percentage constantly adjusts to the current order value. To make sure you see the correct prices after adding or deleting products, just press the Update Cart button. Please note that the discounts do not apply to postage.

Very high orders

The maximum order value for a single order (before discount) is 1000 euros. Orders of higher value will not be discounted at all. Should you want to order for more than 1000 euros (before discount), there’s a simple solution: just split your order into smaller ones. As long as you make sure each order has a value of at least 200 euros (before discount), the discount applied will still be 60%.

End of the sale

The sale runs for a total of seven days, and will end on Thursday, December 17, 2020 at 11:59 PM (Central European time zone).